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Kreiskids - Events for kids in Z├╝rich

The range of events for children in Zurich is broad, so broad that even moms and dads quickly lose the overview. Many theaters and concerts, but also community centers offer a variety of events. Checking the calendar of all these takes time and that is how Kreiskids can simplify parents' lives. centralizes the supply of children events in the city of Zurich and the surrounding area, making it easier to plan famility activities.

Packagist - PHP Packages

Packagist is the main repository for Composer, a dependency manager for PHP packages that is used by thousands of developers across the globe to share, find and install open source PHP code. Nelmio is leading the development of the project and sponsoring the servers.

Techup - Swiss Tech Meetups

We are tech enthusiasts, and as such we love to attend tech meetups. Why? Because we love to learn things and meet new people who are as deranged as we are. Unfortunately, we have missed many meetings because we found out about them only after they had happened. And that's why we decided to come up with

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