We believe in working closely with your developers when doing audits. Instead of a 50 pages report on how bad parts of your applications are, we deliver a list of actionable tasks. Having analyzed your code base together with your developers, they will know how to go about fixing these vulnerabilities.


Sometimes your homepage or web application is just plain slow and it is difficult to figure out why. We have plenty of experience analyzing and solving performance issues. At the end of an audit we define actionable tasks in order to get the most out of your code.


Security audits can be categorized in blind and tandem tests. In the case of a blind test, the auditor has no knowledge of the actual source code and tries to hack into your system using well known techniques. You get a report of security bugs that your developers must fix. While this kind of audit can be useful, we believe that the long term benefit of tandem tests is much better.

Tandem tests are done working closely with your developers. Together we analyze the source code, showing them how to identify the security bugs they missed. Your developers will learn how not to repeat the same mistakes in the process. The audit will result in a report of actionable tasks your developers can take in order to make your application even more secure.


Good code architecture often goes hand in hand with a performing and secure application. We have a lot of experience in reorganizing existing code to follow the well known principles of KISS and Don't repeat yourself. After analyzing your code we will work with your developers to find out how they could get the best out of their existing code base.


We love the internet. This is why we keep learning about it every day, and sharing our knowledge is the part of our job we prefer. Meeting enthusiastic people and helping them get better at what they do is a very satisfying job.

In our day-long courses we help your team progress with modern web application development. We will craft a course that perfectly suits your team, no matter their experience. Be it an introduction starting at square one or and advanced course.

Generally speaking, our rate is 1600 CHF/day for groups up to 8 people. By keeping the groups rather small, we can ensure that each and every one of your developers will get the most out of a day spent with us.

Contact us today to book a training session.


Symfony2 is the new state of the art in the world of PHP frameworks. Our trainings go from gentle introductions to Git, PHP5 and object oriented programming using Symfony2 to more advanced topics like extending the framework itself.

The trainings are in the form of Workshops, so you will be writing a lot of code. Given a certain preparation time, we can work on your existing codebase for the more advanced topics.

The workshops will be given by Jordi, who is a core developer of Symfony2.


Ever since the rise of Ajax, JavaScript has gained in importance. Entire applications are written in JavaScript. Yet most developers using this language have never really had any formal training or even read a book on JavaSript. This often leads to unmaintainable spaghetti code which no one dares to ever touch again. With a day or two of training you can help your developers improve the quality of their JavaScript code through better performance, security, and style.

Our JavaScript trainings cover the following topics:

  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • HTML5 APIs
  • Mobile web application programming
  • Advanced jQuery programming
  • Code organization
  • Responsive web applications with Backbone.js

Some of our coaching and audit customers:

Coaching JavaScript Basics, Backbone.JS, RequireJS and regular code reviews.

Workshops about Symfony2 and mobile web application development during /ch/open workshop days.

Coaching Backbone.JS.

Frontend performance audit and report.

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