We specialize in building custom web applications. By combining our strong technical background and long time experience with agile methodologies we take your ideas and gradually make them reality.

Agile Development

When building your custom web applications we have a strong preference for agile development. By working in iterations we can easily respond to change throughout the development. Our iterations usually last 2 weeks and end with the delivery of working software. This gives you the possibility to test the software early on and stay in close collaboration with us.

User Stories and Wireframes

We love to get into a project as early as possible. This way we can help you transform your ideas into a set of clearly defined User Stories and Wireframes. We use the mobile first approach which forces us to focus on the essential features that will constitute a minimum viable product.


Our team consists of top notch PHP, Symfony2, and Javascript programmers. You can be sure that we have some of the best talent working for us. We pride ourselves in each and every line of code we write.

Our broad knowledge in the field allows us to use the best tools available to craft software that corresponds to your need. Our developers contribute to various Open Source Projects.

Following the principles of KISS and Don't repeat yourself we incrementally create maintainable applications.


Symfony2 is an open source framework our developers actively contribute to. It is the new state of the art in the world of PHP frameworks and provides us with speed of development while remaining highly modular and extensible.

JavaScript and Mobile Web

Our developers are among the best JavaScript developers you will get, with experience at writing HTML5 applications for mobile phones, jQuery plugins and more.

Some of our customers: - Mobile Website, the yellow pages site in Switzerland, was in need of a new mobile website for iPhone and Android. The goal was to complement their native apps and replace the aging that targets older internet-enabled phones. Nelmio provided them with a state of the art web application written fully in JavaScript that you may now find at

Cinergy - Teleboy

We helped Cinergy bring their software architecture to the next level by introducing the Symfony2 PHP framework into the Teleboy project. Their developers were trained over a few months by integrating the Teleboy team on-site. They have since then upgraded other projects to Symfony2.

NZZ - Mobile Application Backend

The new NZZ mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android needed to be responsive over slow mobile networks. Nelmio assisted them by building a middleware/API consuming their internal APIs and serving only the minimum amount of data required to get the news to the user as fast as possible.

Simple Complex - Colibird

Colibird is a web-of-things project that enables companies and individuals to monitor the energy consumption of their buildings. We built an API to collect, aggregate and process the data coming from meters, as well as the complete platform with different reporting tools to help users make sense of all this data. The frontend is a JavaScript web application driven by a PHP Symfony2 backend.

Bluevalor - Financial News Analytics

Nelmio developed a JavaScript web application with Backbone.JS that displays all the data coming from the Bluevalor API. The application provides users with a powerful tool to identify trends and stay on top of the massive amount of financial news released every day.

In addition to working on the frontend side of Bluevalor's project, Nelmio helped them with the setup of an extremely scalable server-architecture featuring Python, PHP and Go wherever those made most sense.

Squirro - Frontend Development

Squirro needed some additional talented JavaScript developers to help them kickstart the development of their product. Nelmio assisted them during a few months building a responsive web application for phones, tablets and desktops.

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