Nelmio is a swiss company specialized in building modern web applications. Our experience and passion for the internet is what makes our products so good and clients so happy. Look around and do not hesitate to contact us if you think that we should work together.


We love to build awesome projects for our clients! See what we're good at and let us know if we could help.



Over the years we have learned a lot. And we love to share. Find out how we will bring your team's knowledge to the next level.



In our free time we try to make the web a better place. Check out our work, there must be something for you.


Jordi Boggiano is a passionate web developer. While specialized in performance and php, he loves to learn and has a broad knowledge of all things web.

ABOUT nelmio

Nelmio is the dream come true of two ambitious and passionate web developers. A company that gives us meaningful work and in which we can pour all of our energy and knowledge. We work in very short iterations and therefore we stay super agile. We have a profound respect for code which we keep modular and maintainable - be it a rapid prototype or a highly complex web application. We believe in working very closely to our clients, having constant feedback in both directions. When working with us you will be surprised how far your ideas will take you!

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